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About us


ÇAYIROĞLU FURNITURE is a company that shares its knowledge and experience with our valued customers for many years,Beginning from 2003, we started to serve in İnegöl, which is the heart of the furniture market with the aim of institutionalization and development. Our company which continues its production in 5000 m2 production facility in İnegöl Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, With EWODA brand, team work, professional management, understanding of social responsibility, To be a leading company in the sector with an understanding that conforms to technological developments and customer satisfaction with the principle of sharing with its own spirit. EWODA furniture has aimed to create value by combining expectations of our customers and our cooperation strategies with our customers with consistent quality understanding. By using the latest developments in furniture technology and management science, EWODA is always designing products suitable for the furniture sector, Is presented to our valued customers. EWODA furniture holding customer satisfaction in front Based on the concept of excellence, humanity, nature and environmentally respectful functional design with the perfect project and application systems also aims to combine. As a family of EWODA furniture, our company, which has mutual trust and respect, is planning to employ and develop personnel with good qualities and to create employment. Our Respect. ÇAYIROĞLU FURNITURE LTD. ŞTİ.